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    Restaurants In Cabarete Dominican Republic

    Cabarete located in the province of Puerto Plata is a favorite tourist destination in the Dominican Republic, and for good reason. Local residents can find some amazing restaurants on Cabarete Beach and in town. Expats can get a taste of home whether they are looking for Sea food, Italian, American, French, or something else entirely. There are so many options available - so read on for some of the best the area has to offer. Chances are with just a little bit of research you will be able to find the food you're looking for!

    Italian Restaurants

    There are several excellent Italian restaurants in Cabarete, although the Italian & French themed Bliss Restaurant Lounge Bar Pool. They are definitely on the pricier side of the available choices but offer an array of authentic food that not only goes back to European roots but also takes advantage of fresh ingredients on hand.

    Top Cabarete Restaurants Dominican Republic Guide

    • Bliss Cabarete

    • Eze Bar Restaurant

    • Lax Ojo Cabarete

    • La Casita de Papi

    • Beligum Bakery

    • Cabarete Coffee

    • Lazy Dog Beach Bar

    • Gorditios Fresh Mex

    • Mojito Bar

    • Vagamundo Coffee & Waffles

    • Pomodoro

    • Restaurant Chino

    The Pizza & Spaghetti House is all about the classic Italian dishes and is consistently considered one of the best choices for Italian style food in the city, if not the entire country. They offer a menu you would associate with a good Italian place including multiple styles of pasta, pizza, and more. Definitely worth serious consideration if you're in the mood for this type of food. Finally, Ceiba Cafe and Pizzeria and Pomodoro are two more places to consider if you're looking for good Italian in Cabarete.

    American Restaurants

    The question when it comes to finding the best American restaurants in the area is what exactly are you in the mood for? Vagamundo Coffee & Waffles is a great place to start if breakfast is calling your name in the early morning. If you grew up with a breakfast diner close to your heart than this place will absolutely feel like a little slice of home. If you're in more of a lunch mood then Los Gringo's BBQ is known for having the best barbecue chicken in town, while Nick's Grill makes a strong case for having the best burgers. They both offer a great taste of home in an inexpensive setting featuring some of the most classic sandwiches that are tied to American cuisine. Finally, the Lazy Dog Bar and Grill is a great combination of American, Caribbean, and Canadian fare to offer a little bit of everything and set up a perfect mix and match depending on whatever you're in the mood for. If your favorite main meal is American but you love a Carribean side dish, this is the place to get your mix and match on while enjoying a wide selection of alcoholic drinks.

    Chinese Restaurants

    The first name that comes up whenever discussing Chinese places among Cabarete restaurants is Fcuk Wok. A wide array of dishes, both traditional and more "Americanized Chinese" to meet all tastes, and they are especially known for having a wide array of different Chinese dishes to choose from. They are the main choice for pure Chinese food in all its forms and at a relatively inexpensive price. Bali Bali is a more general Asian themed restaurant with authentic Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, and other Asian dishes. A bit more expensive but definitely worth the checkout if you're in the mood for a really good sit down meal in the evening. While not purely Chinese, they do have authentic options that are hard to beat.

    Dominican Food Restaurants

    There are plenty of authentic Dominican places in the area, as well. The Otra Cosa is one of the top choices when it comes to finding good, local, Dominican cuisine. They have a heavy emphasis on seafood and the French style of cuisine that heavily defines many Dominican dishes. This is a great place to start. The Casa Mami features a variety of heavy Caribbean food. Natural local dishes at an inexpensive price to go with local beer and music create a setting that feeds your need for the full Dominican experience. Their Creole calamari with rice and beans is renowned, and rightfully so! Wilson's La Boca Restaurant is another excellent choice. The fried fish, various Caribbean chicken dishes, and friend plantains are all extremely popular choices that display the full range of culinary flavors enjoyed by locals and meanwhile you can relax in a comfortable setting and enjoy everything that is available. If you want a few drinks to go with your authentic Dominican food then the Mojito Bar is another great choice. Not only do you have a wide array of outstanding dishes to choose from in addition to having some of the best and cheapest mojitos in the area. That is a winning combination that keeps them pretty high on this list. Finally, the Restaurant Natura at Natura Cabana is a great option for fresh local food presented in a variety of different ways. They brag about their ceviche being the best in the city and after a few bites it will be really hard to argue.

    Here Are The 3 Best Seafood Restaurants In Caberete Dominican Republic

    Relax on the beach in Cabarete, and enjoy all kinds of adventures in the Puerto Plata province. After you have had your fun, it's time to find a great seafood restaurant. There are 90 restaurants in Caberete, and you can certainly expect many of them to serve up some excellent seafood. When you're on vacation, you want the best. Be wined and dined at these top seafood restaurants in Caberete, Dominican Republic. La Casita De Papi is the #1 pick for seafood in Caberete, and it is located on Carretera Pricncipal at Caberte Central Beach. The langostinos al papi & shrimp is a menu favorite, and reviews mention that the crab cakes there are delicious as well. You can also order up surf and turf at La Casita De Papi, and there are menu items for those in your party who might not want seafood, too. While it is a very diverse restaurant, make no mistake about it that it's the #1 choice for seafood in Caberete. There are 22 restaurants in Caberete that serve up great seafood. Wilson's La Boca Restaurant is the next featured choice, and it is said to be located at the end of the road that leads to Camino Del Sol. Enjoy parrot fish, blue crab, fresh clams and all kinds of great seafood at Wilson's La Boca Restaurant. Not only is the food great, but reviews mention that you can expect to have a great experience overall. The 3rd recommendation is Eze Beach Bar Restaurant, which is located at the Carib Wind Plaza. Order up lobster, mahi mahi and so much more. This place is definitely one of the best choices for seafood lovers that are in Cabarete. There are certainly 19 other seafood restaurants in the city, but you now have the three best establishments that serve up seafood in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
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