Are you going to be traveling to the Dominican Republic in the near future? If you are going to be staying at a place called Puerto Plata, this is a wonderful place to be. This is a wonderful destination, best known for the beautiful beaches that it has. There are Spanish forts that you can visit, and there are even places where you can swim with dolphins and also see sharks. It’s right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and there is another destination that you may want to visit called Cabarete. Let’s look at how far you will have to travel if you decide to travel to Cabarete from Puerto Plata.

How Far Is The Drive?

It’s actually not that far at all. It is roughly 40 km. It will take you 46 minutes to get to this destination on Highway five. Assuming the traffic is not going to be terrible, you will always be able to get there in under an hour. Both of these locations are on the coast, so they will be very easy to find.

Why Would You Want To Travel Between The Two Places?

One of the reasons that people will travel to Cabarete is because of the well-known El Choco national Park. There are also many beaches that you can visit such as Casa Marina Beach and Playa Sosua, both of which are incredible locations to visit. This particular area is protected by a coral reef. There are typically very calm waters throughout the day. There is also a place called Kite Beach which is also very beautiful. When you travel between these two locations, you can have a good time, especially if you are staying for a couple of weeks.

Now that you know how to go back-and-forth between these two destinations, you might want to consider staying at one place for a week, and then the other. You will find that there are activities that you can do which can only happen at either of these locations independently, making your trip from Cabarete From Puerto Plata, or vice versa, well worth your time. Start planning your trip to the Dominican Republic if you have not been there before. It is a wonderful place to visit, especially in the early summer or late spring because of the great weather and smaller crowds during this time.

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