Cabarete has changed out of all recognition from the sleepy fishing hamlet that it used to be only a generation ago. Where once there were nets hanging out to dry on the beach there are now hordes of kite surfers out to enjoy the steady breeze and some of the best ways in the Dominican Republic. They join surfers and lovers of the pristine sands and crystal clear water to have fun in the sun.

One of the most wonderful beaches for those with a love of kite surfing is the aptly names Kite Beach.

Kite beach might get a little crowded on the days when the wind is just perfect, but there’s always room for anyone from novice to professional and everyone is in it for the fun. A friendly vibe and people who are always willing to lend a hand to even the newcomer make this one of the most welcoming kite surfing beaches in the world.

If you’re in the mood for a dip in the ocean this is not the beach for you. The sheer number of kite surfers makes the danger of simply being run over by a high speed kite aficionado simply to great – but if you’re into kites this is the place to be.

after hours satisfaction is also guaranteed by the large number of restaurants and other attractions that are within easy reach of Kite Beach.

Seeing as the beach is under two miles from the center of Cabarete any kite surfer is spoiled for choice when it comes time to leave the water and seek alternative forms of entertainment.

For instance if you don’t feel like mingling with the masses take a trip to Wineyard, the first wine shop that has been opened in Cabarete. You can also pick up some tasty snack that will pair perfectly with the wine from Australia, New Zealand and South America –
perfect for an evening on the beach.

However, if you want to do something which involves interacting with the rest of the kite surfing community who have gathered in the town then you would do well to head towards Gordito’s Fresh Mex where you will have access to some of the freshest and most tasty Tex Mex seafood that can be found anywhere on the planet. Great value for money and a fantastic atmosphere make this an eating experience that simply cannot be missed. You simply must try the fish tacos – they are absolutely divine.

There are also numerous opportunities for late night fun in Cabarete. Whatever blows your hair back. You can join in the fun at a pool hall, sing karaoke or dance the night away. This is a town where a days kite surfing can be following by a night of absolute fun with like minded lovers of wind and sea. However – be mindful that your late nights, no matter how much fun are going to cut into your real reason for being in the town – the magnificent surf and pumping wind. You’ve been warned, Kite Beach awaits.

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